Why You Should Invest in Rugby Shirts


It seems rugby doesn’t have anything to do with fashion since it’s a sport, a male dominated sport at that. However, things have changed since a lot of designers have recently designed and manufactured rugby shirts that are not only for the playing field but also as a fashionable trend.

With that said, there are different reasons why your closet should have one (or more!) rugby shirts.

Rugby shirts are versatile

One of the main reasons why you should pile up on rugby shirts is that they are versatile. You could wear them whatever the season is. If it’s chilly, you could just wear it with your favourite cardigan, or leather jacket.They are made out of breathable fabric that they are also summer staples.

Rugby shirts could also be short sleeved or long sleeved which made them appropriate to wear whatever the weather is. he could also be dressed up or dressed down. You could wear it with flip-flops or sneakers for errand day or for a day at the park or at the beach or you could wear it under a blazer for a smarter casual setting.

Rugby shirts are comfortable

When we shop for clothes, we not only look for something presentable that we would not feel embarrassed if we run to someone, we know but also something comfortable that we would not have the urge to change into something else at the middle of the day. When you shop for best women’s rugby tops Australia manufactured, you’d get the best of both worlds.

You have a top that is both comfortable yet you don’t look like a slouch. This is something that is not always achievable since there are clothes that look presentable but could either be stiff or the fabric is itchy. On the other hand, not all cosy and snug clothes are appropriate to be worn for brunch. Fortunately, we are blessed to have rugby shirts that are not only versatile, but also comfortable and presentable.

Rugby shirts are durable

Since they are designed and built technically as a sportswear, they are durable and could withstand washing machine and the wear and tear even if you frequently don it. In fact, it even looks better as it becomes more rugged. They are also low maintenance and does not require any special detergent or even a separate wash cycle from your other clothes.

Rugby shirts are a classic

Rugby shirts have been around for a long time and there is a reason why they are still popular nowadays. They are timeless and are able to defy the ever fickle and ever-changing fashion trends. When you invest on rugby shirts, you are getting your money’s worth since you will be able to wear them even in the years to come.

Thelma Dice
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