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Fashion Faux Pas You Should Never Make at Work


Fashion faux pas at your workplace is something you should try your best to avoid. The way you dress can leave lasting impressions, and so, you need to make sure you develop the right dressing sense especially at work. Here are some of the little things that can have great impacts on your appearance and identity. 

Wrong Footwear

Footwear might seem like an unusual topic to start with, but needs to be focussed on more because it’s one thing that men make major fashion blunders with. Always make sure you own a few great pairs of mens business shoes in some perfect tones which complement all of your outfits. Also, if you have been considering wearing sneakers to work, you really need to quit the idea.

Sneakers are too casual for work, and are best avoided, no matter how chilled out your workplace seems to be. There are actually tons of options you can choose from when it comes to office footwear. Explore them on the web or visit some of the cool stores in town and let them walk you through amazing collections of formal and semi formal work wear. 

Getting Too Casual

Indeed, there are plenty of styling options when you want to keep it smart, casual, yet professional at the same time. Nevertheless, in an attempt to play around with different combos, you need to make sure you do not get carried away to end up looking way too casual for business.

For instance, when you pick a nice pair of jeans, you would opt for sleek looking ones instead of the ‘distressed’ type. The latter is what you would wear to informal occasions, not to work. Again, this does not mean you should avoid jeans altogether, but know which ones to wear and what to pair them with for a smart casual business look. 

Opting for Single-Colours

When it comes to business attire, you need to opt for a minimum of two tones. Consider this a rule, for you do not want to create a jumpsuit-like appearance in your single tones. Thus, make it a point to combine a minimum of two tones, even three if you could. Nevertheless, you also need to know the art of combining the right colours to bring out a flattering appearance.

It might take a little bit of experimenting until you have learnt how to mix and match some great colours. You need to know what colours go best together, as well as what the worst combos are when it comes to professional business outfits. For instance, putting black and navy together works really well, while black and brown is usually a no-no.

Wrong/Too Many Accessories

Both men and women tend to make mistakes where accessories are considered. When it comes to a business look, however, you do not really need accessories other than a wristwatch and perhaps, cufflinks where applicable.

A wedding ring or so is fine, too, but nothing more.Keep it minimal when it comes to accessories, because that’s more appropriate when you are dealing with business. Thus, stick to the rule always, whether or not you are expected to at your workplace.

Thelma Dice
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