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Pros and Cons of Hybrid Flooring


There are several flooring options to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages over other options. Choosing between them and deciding on an option suited to your needs and home can sometimes be difficult without a little help from an expert. Hybrid flooring is a combination of laminate and vinyl flooring. Together they form a hardwearing flooring solution. Hybrid flooring presents the best of both laminate and vinyl floors minus the drawbacks of each.

Hybrid floors consist of four layers; the top layer has a UV coating combined with a wear layer designed to protect the plank from scratches, scuffs and moisture. The second layer is a decorative print that is designed to look like hardwood. Then there is a third layer which is a limestone composite designed to make the plank durable and hardwearing. The fourth layer which is the underlay has a special backing that makes the planks soundproof or sound absorbent. Speak to a flooring expert at hybrid flooring Geelong to evaluate design options.

Pros of Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid floors are easy to install. The planks have a tongue and groove interlocking method to hold them in place over any existing floor that is flat and smooth. Flooring can be installed yourself reducing the cost of installation. The planks do tend to expand a little – a couple of millimetres at best, it’s important to keep that in mind when laying the floor. The easy installation and maintenance translate to cost savings, making hybrid floors an affordable flooring option.

Hybrid floors come in a variety of designs, colours and styles to choose from, making them a versatile flooring option for those looking to match their floors to their overall home design aesthetic. Because hybrid floors are waterproof, you can choose to install them anywhere in the home – even kitchens and bathrooms for a seamless flooring option. Resistance to water damage means that you are unlikely to have mould and mildew on your flooring. Hybrid flooring is hardwearing making it an excellent option if you have active children and pets in the house.

It can last you decades without needing renovation and is suitable even for those high-traffic areas of the house. Cleaning a hybrid floor requires nothing more than a good sweep or vacuum and the occasional damp mopping to keep your floor looking great. Avoid harsh cleaning agents, scourers and abrasives that can damage the wear layer of the planks.

Cons of Hybrid Flooring

Although hybrid flooring is cheaper than hardwood flooring, it is more expensive than laminate or standard vinyl flooring. However, it makes up for this drawback in durability and other cost-reducing advantages. While hybrid floors are extremely durable for regular use, they can get dented if something sharp and heavy falls on them. The planks can scratch if you move heavy furniture around without felt pads. There is one other drawback and that is fading due to sun damage. You can use rugs or curtains to prevent long and repeated exposure to sunshine to prevent discolouration.

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