4 Top Makeup Trend Predictions for 2023


As the New Year is dawning on us, so are new makeup trends. The beauty industry is everlasting, trends on the other hand, not so much. Every year there are new styles, colours and skills introduced into your usual makeup routine. Which is why the beauty industry is constantly and consistently vibrant, cohesive and relevant.

If you don’t catch up with these trends in 2023 you could become irrelevant and we simply cannot have that happening. Every makeup artist is trying new tricks, doing their research, the beauty market is always booming with new ideas and we have to keep up. To give you the upper-hand, I have organized a list of 4 makeup trend predictions in 2023:

1.      Leather Lips

Red is a hue that will never go out of fashion. Make sure you have a bold red lipstick with a high shine gloss in your makeup bag for next year. Your first step is of course, line those lips, apply that burning red and top it up with the shiny gloss for leathered up lip look in 2023.

Make sure your liner is not the same colour as your lipstick, go with a neutral liner and set it up with your lip bestie, translucent powder and then go for the matte red lip and finally apply that shiny gloss to complete the look and never go out of style.

2.      Keep it Bare

Barely their makeup will always be on the high rise, sporting a natural makeup look will definitely stay on trend in the upcoming year. Skinimalism is a trend that may never die as the once gruesome beauty routine has a much healthier and improved process than what was expected before.

In the present beauty world skincare and makeup have collided to give you the best of both worlds, giving you a cleaner and more of a natural look. Apply a little blush, barely their highlighter for that glow and a nude lipstick, mineral based foundation and you will be good to go. Make sure to browse The Kind Collective’s face makeup range to find the products you need.

3.      Sparkling Gemstones

Add in some dainty gemstones for a night out with the girls or for an elite event. When your makeup is not giving outthe sparkle you truly want, gemstones will surely do the trick. It is an artful way to add in the extra touch you need.

Gemstones could be utilized to express one’s unique personality in a creative manner. You could place a few of them around your eyes, on your freckles, match it up with the eyeliner for that extra splash of shine and you will definitely have the crowds watching.

4.      Summery Pastels

Nothing gives off a summer vibe better than applying some pastel hued eyeshadow. The season of summer in 2023 could be bursting with pastel colours all over! But this time it will have more of a contemporary and fresh twist to it. For example, warmer toned pastels will be all the rage this summer. Forget the sweet pastels of 2022, light pastels with warm tones and two coats of mascara will be your look in the upcoming summer season.

Stay trendy and stay relevant in the glam world of 2023!

Thelma Dice
the authorThelma Dice